​LEHE L1 Musical E-scooter

The "Ferrari" in musical e-scooter!

LEHE L1 Musical E-scooter with a ultra streamlined appearance.

Elegant lines, shapely frame, create an exquisite e scooter body. It’s more than an e-scooter, it’s an artwork!

Silicone Grip
Electromagnetic Brake
Front Light
Charger Port
Inflatable Front Wheel
Assist-pulling Wheel
LCD Display
Foldable Clip
Bluetooth Speaker
Anti-slip Matte Paper
Widen Pedal
Rear Brake
Brushless Gearless Motor

Built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker, low power consuming but great sound quality. It’s excellent for outdoor entertainment. Just take out your cellphone or iPad to easy connect it and have fun!

LEHE L1 e-scooter is a foldable scooter 

Folding steps: 2 steps

Folding size: 109*52*34.5cm

Unique Auxiliary wheel Design

Creative pulling-assistant wheels under the LEHE L1. Effortless to pull and go.

LEHE L1 mini electric scooter, small size but big loading weight, up to 120kg weight capacity.
Rear 180W/250W brushless motor, low noise, high efficiency. Motor on the rear, more comfortable and more safe when riding.
LEHE L1 has THREE independent braking systems. First electromagnetic brake by left hand in front; second foot brake on the rear wheel; and the third but least motor power off braking system, once brake, the motor will itself cut off the power to make riders safe driving.
Gear increasing
Gear decreasing
Power on/off

Multifunctional LCD Display

3 speed gears for option: 10km/h, 15km/h, 20km/h, suitable for different users.