Say goodbye to ordinary, shining in crowds!

It is a 



portable and 

intelligent electric scooter bike


LEHE K1 is fashionable 

168 cautious sleepless nights, 

to make a original, unique, and stylish design.

LEHE K1 is foldable. ONLY 1 second to fold.

User-friendly handle bar folding design

Foot pedal folding design

LEHE K1 is portable 

Ultra light weight, 18kg. It can be folded and go. 

The best car mate.

LEHE K1 is intelligent


With smart big LCD display, built-in self-diagnostic systemOnce the scooter has any problems, it will be displayed on the screen.

Built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker, low power consuming and with great sound quality.

Also LEHE K1 is equipped with smart USB 

charging interface, with floating output 

5V 1A-2A, automatically fitting the charged device.

Assuring rider safety is LEHE's top priority. 

Ride a K1 with comfortable and safe  experiences is very important.

LEHE K1 has a  K shape ergonomic design. Everybody can ride it with a comfortable seating position even the user is tall. It can avoid the embarrassment and trouble of adjusting the seat height.

LEHE K1 is durable and strong

The whole frame of LEHE K1 made of aviation grade 6061 aluminum alloy, strong intensity and toughness. The max loading weight is up to 120KG.

LEHE Focus on Details


Even a small foot alumium pedal should go through forged processes. Precision up to one thousandth. Parts gap always below 0.1 mm.

Hided front suspension, riders can drive smoothly and comfortably in rough roads. Meantime, can improve handling.

Front + rear two independent dual disc brakes, to make brake softly and safely. In any cases, one 

braking system operating on all wheels but 

which retains braking on at least one 

wheel after any component failure. 

Premium front LED white light. Lighting range 10 meters. Can keep safe driving even at night.