Lehe Official Bank Information
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Dear Customers,
Recently we are getting more and more information from our customers who responded that they got some "cheaper" offers from "our" sales, but after paid, they never got any commodity for a very long time from us. Therefore,
We hereby make the declaration of our COMPANY BANKs ACCOUNT(s) for receiving USD/HKD/EUR on behalf of our mainland factory [Dongguan Lehe Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.].

Bank Information Statement by LEHE

(Company name: Dongguan Lehe Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.)


Dear Customers,


Recently we are getting more and more information from our customers who responded that they got some "cheaper" offers from "our" sales, but after paid, they never got any commodity for a very long time from us. Therefore,


We hereby make the declaration of our COMPANY BANKs ACCOUNT(s) for receiving USD/HKD/EUR on behalf of our mainland factory [Dongguan Lehe Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.]. 


T/T method

Beneficiary name:       

Lehe Intelligent Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Limited

The Bank Name:       

HSBC Hong Kong

Beneficiary Account No.: 

124 341678 838

The Bank Address:     

1 Queen's Road Central,Hong Kong

SWIFT code:           

HSBCHKHHHKH (for telegraphic transfers)

Beneficiary Bank Code:  

004 (for Hongkong local transferring only)




The other companies or bank accounts are NOT belonged to us, please check carefully when you are making payments. We regard the statement as our final non-responsibility for any unexpected mistakes from the payer.


Additional, please kindly take high attentions to our employees’ email address which always attaches with XXX@lehe-china.com(our Chinese official domain name) as the email address suffix. Please do NOT trust any other email address which looks like the "same" or very familiar.


Thanks for your continue cooperation with us.


Good luck!


Your sincerely,


Jenson Hu



[on behalf of Dongguan Lehe Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.]


10th June, 2017