The best shopping partner---Lehe L1 e-scooter
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These days in Shanghai there are paper news about “the husband nursery”, a rest room only for husband.
I think this is a quiet good necessary for the most of husband, in fact, many m
en would like to escape
be accomplished for shopping with their wife or girlfriend, so this “the husband nursery” 
should be a considerable idea from the shopping mall.

The husband nursery” awake the pain point for most of men, because they have to shop together
with their wife or girlfriend, or they will be
punished , such as no change for breakfast,
wash dinner plate or no gameetc., so the key point of solving this headache is by find the
good partner accompany with their wife to make them happy, and I would suggest our Lehe L1 e-scooter,
the best fashion design portable scooter, to make their wife happy and most importantly, to release
their husband from
being accomplished for shopping, so hey man, what are you waiting for ?

The fashion scooter can only match your fashion style

We take use of the concept of super sport car, with the unique and special painting,
to make the very streamline scooter, and absolutely a score bonus for your shopping.

The top consideration is safety during the shopping

The non-zero starting and steadily speeding will make the best safe riding,besides, equip with electromagnetic
brake and mechanic brake, you could stop the scooter slowly and steady.

Amusement function is also a must for attraction

There are stereo sound Bluetooth speakers, supported 4.1 connect agreement, to make the best ear amuse sound.

One-second folding good for easy carry

This L1 e-scooter with folding switch design, can really make one-second folding and unfolding. Additionally,
two support pull wheels under the board to guarantee  easy carry.

With so many advantages and good fashion design, I really suggest a L1 e-scooter should be a top choice
when you consider shopping and short trip touring, besides, for many husband and boyfriend, it is really a
good shopping partner along with your wife or girlfriend, and most importantly, you do not have to wait in
the husband nursery"
, dont you think it is really great ?